What Is The Future: For India And Indians?

It is nearly 24 years after economic liberalisation; 17 years after the book India 2020 by Kalam and Y S Rajan. There is definitely lot of growth and progress. Missed opportunities are still haunting us. But still there is lot of hope now. All these have been captured in two recent books.

In addition the articles in this website capture the CHURNING that is going on in India and the world. They also provide solutions going away from Delhi-centric, State-capital centric approaches. Local autonomy and freedom for investors and consumers are the keys. Education needs radical changes to release potential of the youth to succeed in the modern world. Poems express the angst and throw light on the hopeful directions...................

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Ideology of Diversity: Role of Youth

Glad to hear DIVERSITY is getting centre stage in reporting. All my writings and talks were on that for the past few decades. My poems had that. In my book Empowering Indians the preface emphasized it.

I have learnt it from life's experience, from great Indian traditions and from science. A wonderful proponent was Murray Gel Mann, the Nobel laureate through his book, The Quark and the Jaguar. It gave me very good insights.I quote him in many places. I have come to the conclusion that youth have to REDISCOVER DIVERSITY in the modern context. My views were written in a series of articles in Kisan World. The first set of articles is in book form : Mission 21st Century. See the cover in this website. Chapter 19 of the book was Ideology of Diversity: Role of Youth. For convenience it is attached here as it appeared in Kisan World in mid 2012. I appeal to youth of the world to rediscover it in 21st century context....

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All poem books in Tamil and English of Y S Rajan are freely down loadable from this google site. In the same link full book of Bharati Padalgal in English, by great experts, can be accessed and downloaded.

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