What Is The Future: For India And Indians?

Many things have happened since the book India 2020 by Dr Kalam and Y S Rajan. 2020 is some months away. There is definitely lot of growth and progress. Missed opportunities are still haunting us. But still there is lot of hope now. All these have been captured in two recent books.

In addition the articles in this website capture the CHURNING that is going on in India and the world. They also provide solutions going away from Delhi-centric, State-capital centric approaches. Local autonomy and freedom for investors and consumers are the keys. Education needs radical changes to release potential of the youth to succeed in the modern world. Poems express the angst and throw light on the hopeful directions...................

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Y S Rajan describes the existence of opposites as an essential nature of a continuum that encompasses science, technology, business, and several other facets of life in this TEDxTISS talk

"Science: Opportunities, Benefits, Limitations" - Talk by Y S Rajan as part of the Tibetan Science Conclave - V held at The Tibetan Youth Hostel, New Delhi between 19th-22nd December 2018

Uttarakhand Vision 2040

This is the key note address delivered by me at the National Conference on the subject. The talk as delivered can be seen/ heard in YouTube by googling y s rajan. This text is a lightly edited transcript of that speech.

Post Vision 2020 exercise by TIFAC ( post 1996-) I had the opportunity to successfully complete a few projects in Uttarakhand. A small state with about 1 crore population has done well post its formation about 2 decades ago, better than overall average of India.

As I continue to emphasize I place more importance on completing a set of projects. Much of it has to be done by industries/ institutions. I quote from my earlier book (2000) Empowering Indians: "..it is difficult to dwell on all aspects of achieving success in collective group actions to be sustained over a long period. Basically it is the question of building up core strengths.There are many examples of successful Indian companies...How to network many of them in the present period of fierce global commercial competition and rapidly changing technology and business cycles, is the challenge before the country. What is required is NOT set of centralised actions, but a large number of synergistic actions with some broad visions in view."

It is much more valid today. Please see the details in the text...There is a great scope for Uttarakhand.....

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All poem books in Tamil and English of Y S Rajan are freely down loadable from this google site. In the same link full book of Bharati Padalgal in English, by great experts, can be accessed and downloaded.

Living with Nature in Modern Forms 
Nature, Science & Modern Life - Opportunities for Indian Youth
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